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The only competition I care about winning

To-Do List - Win - Dry Erase BoardSome people are competitive.  You know the ones I’m talking about…those people who have never been beaten by their kids…in ANYTHING.  Where game night with friends is serious business.  When a Chutes & Ladders loss will ruin the rest of the day.  And then there are people like me…who couldn’t care less.  Now, don’t think that means I don’t put effort into what I do.  It just means that if I lose something, it generally doesn’t really affect me.  But, there is one thing that I AM competitive in…loving my wife.

chickencompetitiveI try to out-love Julia.  Here’s how I see it… If I can show her more love than she shows me, I consider it a win.  So, that’s my goal…every day.  If there are clean dishes in the dishwasher, I try to take care of them before she has a chance to.  If we haven’t gotten to spend much quality time together, I’ll try to write her some notes during the day to let her know I was thinking of her.  If she cooks tacos because she knows that I will love it, then I try to one-up her by writing her a love note AND getting her a gift of some sort.  If I ever feel that she is loving me more than I am her, I see it as a sign that I need to step up my game.

congratulations, you succed itThere is another aspect to this competition too.  I ALSO try to compete against all the other men out there.  If I hear of someone who does something cool that shows how much he loves his wife, I see that as a challenge.  When I see that Jimmy Starnes took his wife out on a great date, or that Chris Erickson went on a crazy wilderness adventure with his wife, or I see Patrick Hallman telling his wife how much he loves her on Facebook…I try to take those ideas as a reminder and apply them in my life.  My goal in this is to be the best husband in the world.  Not that anyone can actually receive that title, but that’s what I’m always working towards.

My challenge to you:
Whether you are generally competitive or not, make it a point to compete in loving your wife.  Don’t let her out-do you.  And when you see or hear other guys doing something great, don’t see it as a sign that you’re NOT doing great.  Take that idea and use it!