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If you love your kids…leave them behind

Seattle 263I believe one of the most important requirements for developing a strong, loving family is to spend time together…doing things that are fun and making memories together.  In the same way, I think this is one of the most important aspects of a marriage too.  The problem I often see is that after a couple has kids it can be easy for these two areas to merge together.  It is an incorrect assumption that quality family time equals quality marriage time.  

I know many couples that are married with kids and haven’t been alone together overnight since their kids were born!  I think this is such a shame.  An important part of being a good parent is being able to love your spouse and model that behavior for your kids.  And, an important part of loving your spouse is being connected with them and spending time together.  If you never get away and spend time alone together, that connection will be tough to achieve.

IMG_0285After Eli was born, Julia and I made a commitment to get away by ourselves at least once every year, and I’m so glad we did!  These getaways are usually the highlights of my year.  I LOVE going out on dates with her on a regular basis, but the enjoyment we feel and the connection we make on a date doesn’t come close to what we get from going away for a few days.

Sometimes we’ve been able to take a cool vacation together like the Bahamas, Seattle, or even Italy!  But often our trip away is somewhere nearby that we just go for a couple nights.  Last year we went to Asheville for a few nights and one time we just got away to a hotel in Atlanta.  The extent of our trip is usually determined by the amount of vacation money we have available, but even when times are tighter we make sure to go somewhere.

photoThis weekend we went away for our 11th anniversary!  We went up to WinShape Retreat at Berry College and it was awesome.  It was so relaxing and we loved every minute of it.  We spent a lot of time talking, enjoying great meals, reading, writing in our anniversary journal, and relaxing.  It was just what we needed.  When we got home, we were ready to pour our lives back into Eli, who had a blast from his weekend with Nana & Grandpa.  :-)

My challenge to you:

If you have kids, make sure you make it a priority to get away with just your wife from time to time.  Dates are great, but they don’t compare to the intimacy and connection you get from getting away for a few days at a time.  Make it a priority and I KNOW you will not regret it!