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A gift that you (and only you) can give to make your wife feel loved


Women like to be given gifts, and there is something you can give your wife that no one else can.  No, I’m not talking about something you can give her in the bedroom. 😉  I’m talking about something special that will make her feel loved that is unique to you.  I can’t suggest that you take her up in a biplane for a sunset flight because few men can do that.  I can’t suggest that you tap dance your wedding vows in morse code because few men can do that.  So here is what I AM going to suggest…

Use the talents and skills God has given you to love your wive in a unique and memorable way.

I have a couple of talents that I feel are somewhat unique, and I LOVE using them to do things for Julia.  One is music.  I love singing and playing guitar, and every once in a while I’ll get inspired to write something for her, record it, and even make a video out of it.  One of my favorites is the power ballad My Snuggs that I wrote a couple years ago for Valentine’s Day.  Just recently, I recorded Julia is Awesome (based on the Lego Movie theme).  And last year, when Julia was gone at student ministry camp for a week, Eli and I did Mommy, I Love You with him at lead vocals.


Another thing I like to do is build things (climbing wall, window reading nook, indoor playground, etc).  My craftsmanship isn’t particularly amazing, but I enjoy the creative challenge.  So, for a present, I built some wooden display cases for a rock collection she has.

I believe these things have helped her to know that I love her for a couple reasons.

1.  They took thought, which shows that I really wanted to do something for her, and I had to put some creative effort into coming up with it.
2.  They took time.  It wasn’t something that I just threw together in a couple minutes, which shows that she was WORTH the time and effort to me.

Not everyone can write songs or build things,  BUT everyone has SOME sort of talent…something that sets them apart and makes them unique.  Think about what talents and skills you have and come up with a way to use them to make your wife feel loved and appreciated.  Here are some ideas:

  • Photography – use pictures you’ve taken (either of her and your family or of an artistic nature) and print and frame them to give to her as a present
  • Music – write, sing, or record a song for her
  • Art – draw, paint, or sketch something for her
  • Writing – write a story for her
  • Video – make a video of something that shows that you were thinking about her
  • Construction / Woodwork – build her something that she would like
  • Connections with people – use a connection you have to arrange some sort of creative date that you wouldn’t normally be able to do
  • Sports – find a sport/activity SHE likes (or would like) that you haven’t tried and give it a shot WITH her.  Something like dancing, running, zumba, yoga, tennis, etc.
  • Cooking – take a week and plan, shop, and cook all the meals…maybe trying some new recipes you think she will like
  • Computer skills – Spend some time helping her with the computer (lessons, cleaning up clutter, etc)
  • Encouraging – focus on something difficult your wife is going through and make a point to regularly follow up and encourage her in it

This is just a very small list from tons of possibilities that are out there.  Everyone has things they do well.  So, think about what yours are, and USE THEM to love your wife!