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Yes, I would LOVE to watch that reality TV show about dancing with you

couple-watching-tv_725x377-1360355188So, you want to have a closer relationship with your wife huh?  Here’s something that can help.  Find something you can share an interest in.  If you each always pursue what YOU want to do, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to share life together.  Having an activity, sport, TV show, or hobby that you’re both interested in is a GREAT way to spend more time together and connect better.

Couple-ReadingIt’s tough for me to write about this subject because, to be honest, I have a lot of room for improvement in it.  I did read Twilight (ok) and The Host (pretty good), but on the whole I have a hard time choosing to read the types of books she’s interested in reading.  We have a few TV shows that we both enjoy (Amazing Race, Modern Family, Survivor), but on the whole my TV preferences are MUCH different than hers.  Same with movies…I like explosions and adventure.  National Treasure is probably the archetype for my ideal movie…whereas hers is Lars and the Real Girl.

I KNOW that I should suck it up and watch So You Think You Can Dance, or Parenthood, or Celebrity Game Night, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I know that I should read more books that she reads as a way to understand and connect with her more.  I know that I should sit through watching The Tree of Life as a way to understand more about what she loves, but I just haven’t.

tennisfansHow great would it be if I put aside what I wanted to do and decided to pursue an interest in something she was interested in.  Or if we both decided to get into a new hobby together (dancing, painting, etc).

My advice to you:
Try out some of the things your wife is into.  Even if it is not something you’re interested in, try it out as a way to connect with her more.  And talk with her about finding a new activity that you both could get into and try it together.  Even if you don’t fall in love with the new activity, at least you’re experiencing it together…which can be fun.

Guys, do not hide this from your wife!

Shared-CalendarSince Julia and I got married, there is one thing that stands out as one of the most frequent sources of stress and initiator of arguments in our relationship.  What is the culprit…SCHEDULING.  Oh man, if I could go back…with all the knowledge I have now…things would be so much easier.  At first, I was just ignorant.  I would plan things whenever I wanted (camping trips, friends for dinner, rock climbing) and not think to ask Julia.   Or I would just forget to tell her until right before it happened with an, “oh…by the way…”.  See earlier post for an example of how well this went for me.  Eventually I clued in to the idea that, now that I was married, my scheduling decisions weren’t my own anymore, and I needed to make sure we were both ok with it before committing to something.

Things got better from there, but I still had a problem…I KNEW what I had on my calendar, but whenever I wanted to plan something, I never knew what Julia had on hers.  Yes, we could talk and compare what’s coming up, but it’s easy to forget things.  And when I was trying to plan something, I always had that undermining feeling that there was something I was just forgetting about.

That’s when iCloud came in to save the day!  I knew it was possible to share our calendars from our computers, but had never taken the time to figure it out.  After I made the switch to Mac, I set about to figure it out.  It was easy to set up and now that it’s done, I can see what Julia and I BOTH have on our calendars from my laptop, tablet or phone!  (yes…I love technology)  Let me tell you…it is SOOOO nice!  We generally keep a pretty full schedule, but I can tell at any time what is coming up, which makes it so much easier to plan things and know what’s going on.

My challenge to you:

If you haven’t setup to share calendars with your wife, DO IT!  It is easy to do and can save you a lot of stress and needless arguments.  I can be done whether you’re on Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Gmail, etc.  All setups are different and some can be a little tricky though.  Here are some links to help if you need it.  If you have a different computer setup, just google what you’re looking for and you should be able to find something to help.

– iCloud: Share a calendar with others

– Share your Google calendar

– Sharing an Outlook calendar with other people 

– Syncing iPhones with Android phones