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A chance to make all things new

5995Yesterday, for the Easter service, our church had a theme for the morning of All Things New.  Jesus came, died, and rose again so that I can be made new.  The life I used to have was full of sin, death, and defeat just by my nature as a human.  But, because of the sacrifice He made, by accepting Him as my Savior, I can be forgiven of all the sin that separates me from God.  Now I am a new creation living with purpose and hope and will live forever with Him in Heaven one day.  Woohoo!

As I sat in the service, I thought about how Jesus gave us the chance to make our souls new, but realized that there is SO much more that is possible.  ALL THINGS means EVERYTHING.  What is it in my life that God wants to make new but I’m not allowing Him to?

Possibly my role as a spiritual leader of the family.  That’s something I know is so important, but feel I constantly fall short of what I want it to be.  It’s tough enough to keep MYSELF spiritually strong much less leading a whole family.  Even with the best intentions, I find it difficult not to let life get in the way.

Maybe it’s my compassion for others and taking chances to help people in need.  I used to laugh with a friend of mine when we both scored a 0 in the Mercy category on our spiritual gifts test back in middle school.  I’ve matured a good bit since then, realizing the importance of this and trying to take whatever chances I can to help others…but it is still difficult.

Maybe some of you reading this need your role as a husband to be “made new”.  Maybe you feel that you know what being a husband should look like, but it seems so far from where you are.  Well…it’s a good thing that Jesus died because YOU ARE MADE NEW!  He has redeemed your past sin.  He has given you a chance to live a full life with hope and peace.  That doesn’t mean life will be perfect.  In fact, I guarantee you it will not be.  But, you are not captive to your sin…past or present.  Start today!  Treat your wife the way God calls you to.