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I want to hold your hand, but I don’t have time right now

_mg_4736I’ve got a problem.  It’s called impatience.  I’ve got another problem.  It’s called really long legs.  If you combine these two issues together you get a recipe for relationship disaster.  Picture Julia and I pulling in to church running about 2 minutes late.  We park the car and start walking in.  I’m about 3 steps in front of her walking quickly as she and Eli struggle to keep up.  I stop and wait every 10 seconds or so to let them catch up before continuing on.  So here is what happens as a result of this…we get where we are going…I am frustrated for being a little late…and Julia is tired from running after me and possibly a little embarrassed.  There is no good that comes from this.

So, what’s the lesson I should learn?  Leave 5 minutes earlier next time?  Sure…that is nice, but it’s not the solution to the heart of the issue.  The issue I have is impatience and the lack of empathy for Julia.

Here’s what I WANT to do.  When I’m walking somewhere, walk WITH her.  It doesn’t make her feel like I’m upset with her or am stressing her out.  Also, something else I want to do…hold hands!  Holding hands is NOT just for when you’re dating or are newlyweds.  I think it is one of the simplest things you can do to show love and develop a connection.  There is something so intimate about the act of holding hands.  But, I don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like to.

My challenge to you:
When you’re walking somewhere with your wife, walk WITH her.  Especially if you have long legs, make an effort to stay by her side so she doesn’t feel rushed.  And to take things to the next level, hold hands!  This will force the walking with her issue and will also develop a better level of intimacy.