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If you love your wife…let her go

IMG_1728This past weekend was Guys Weekend.  Julia went out of town with some of her friends, so Eli and I were bach’ing it from Friday until Sunday.  In some ways it was a lot of fun.  We went out for donuts, went exploring in the woods, read books at Starbucks, and had tacos at most every meal (always a good decision)!  We both had a good time.  Even though we had fun and were able to distract ourselves pretty well, it was still a lonely time.  We both missed Julia.  She’s my best friend and I love being with her.  She’s the life of the party, and time at home is not the same without her.  Even though I knew I would miss her, I was so excited about her getting to get away.  Not because I was looking forward to the fun I would have, but because I knew she needed it.

It is good for married couples to spend time together (obviously).  Without it, there is no relationship.  However, I feel it is necessary for a woman to also have both alone time and girls time.  When a wife is able to get away with her friends for some time, it is recovery for her soul.  She NEEDS time to just hang out with friends…no wife responsibilities…no mom duties…just having fun, talking, and whatever she wants to do.  Also, she sometimes needs to get away on her own.  Life can be so busy full of kids with endless needs, work responsibilities, chores at home that are never finished, and distractions from TV and computers.  There is such benefit for a woman to have some time away from it all…even if it is just for a couple hours.

Every time Julia comes home from being away, she is filled with energy and love.  She is a GREAT mom and wife on a daily basis, but I can see a noticeable difference in her love, attention, and patience after returning from being away.  Seeing this always reminds me how important those opportunities are.

My challenge to you:
Give your wife the freedom to get away.  Maybe it’s for a few hours at a time.  Maybe it’s on her own, or maybe it’s with some friends.  Maybe it’s overnight somewhere, or maybe it’s for a few days.  In the time she is away, pray for her to be filled with the spirit, and to be able to relax, and to have fun.  When she gets back, I imagine you will find her refreshed and ready to invest back into your family.