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Love Blasting – the awesomest part of a well balanced marriage

Explode_A-512One of my favorite things to do is to “love blast” Julia!  Before your imagination runs wild about what this means, let me explain.  To love blast is to find a method of showing her love and to BLAST her with it!  Here are some examples:

Standard: Buy her flowers
Love Blast: Buy her new flowers every day for a week

Regular: Write a note about how you love her
Love Blast: Write 25 notes about how you love her and hide them all over the house

Pedestrian: Plan a date night
Love blast:  Plan a date 7 nights in a row and call it “date week”

Bare minimum: Do the dishes after dinner
Love blast: Shop for groceries, cook dinner, clean dishes

Lame-o: If your wife goes out of town for a night or two, pick things up before she gets back.
Love blast: From the moment she leaves, plan out EVERYTHING you can possibly do that will show her love until she gets back…laundry, clean bathrooms & floors, dust, yard work, stock the groceries.  When she comes home, have the house looking perfect with nice music going, a meal prepared with a special dessert and candles…and a welcome home present.

1184842_10152295365144328_666816756_nOne of my favorite things I ever did for Julia was the “Week of Awesome”.  I took a whole week and dedicated it to loving her.  I tried to think of everything I could do that she would appreciate and did it all week long.  I had gifts for each day, planned cooked and cleaned all meals, dates planned, chores done, friend gatherings planned, taking care of Eli, etc.  She loved it and although it was exhausting to do…I loved doing it just as much.  :-)  If you want to do something fun, plan your own week of awesome for your wife!

Obviously, you can’t do these types of things all the time, but every once in a while it can be nice to go all out.  Don’t settle for the ordinary.  Take an idea to show her love…then go to the next level and LOVE BLAST her!!