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Your actions may impact more than just your wife

10307433_3075307647019_5340757610806274278_nI had a blast getting to see my younger brother get married.  He is 30 years old now and had been anxiously waiting on God to show him the right person to marry.  I was so excited for him to find that person!  He and his fiancée wanted to do a small ceremony with mostly just immediate family members…and it was awesome!  We had it at our neighborhood clubhouse and went out to a local restaurant afterwards.  Then, we all went back to my parents’ house for cake.  While we were doing some toasts, my brother wanted to say a few words to us.

During his toast, he thanked me for the example I’ve been to him in how I treat Julia (my wife).  As he stood next to HIS new wife, he said that he has seen they way I love Julia, listen to her, and always think of her needs and wants ahead of my own.  He felt I did a great job modeling this and said that he hopes to treat his wife the same way.  This was such a meaningful moment to me.  It showed me that all the years that I’ve spent trying to treat Julia well have not only had an impact on her (hopefully), but have also had an impact on him.  I want to wish them a happy marriage and I KNOW he is going to be an amazing husband!

This made me think about how visible my actions can be.  The way we treat our wives, kids, friends, and co-workers aren’t just appreciated (good or bad) by them, they are also seen by the others around us.  This is a sobering reminder for me, but is also very encouraging.  We all want to make a difference in other people’s lives right?  Well, in a way you can get two birds with one stone!  Treat someone right…that’s great for them.  Also…others see the way you act and will learn from your example.  But, don’t make your actions for show.  Be genuine and real in what you do and people will know it.

My advice to you:

Love your wife, love your kids, and everyone you come in contact with.  It will make a difference not just in their lives, but also will be a good example and teaching tool for everyone else.