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How to go on a date without hiring a sitter

Everyone loves going out on dates.  Remember before you were married when you would go out on dates?  Remember how exciting it was?  You probably put a lot of thought into what you wore, how you looked, where you went, and what you did.  If you’re like me, it’s a lot tougher to do that now.  Maybe you have kids that make it tougher to get away.  Maybe you don’t know anyone you trust to babysit?  Maybe you don’t feel like paying an extra $40 for a sitter.  Or maybe you don’t have the disposable income now that you used to pay for a nice dinner out and a concert or movie.  Well, if that’s your situation, then I have 4 words to save the day!  AT HOME DATE NIGHT

Boom!  There it is!  Four words that require no babysitter and no extra money.  Just a little planning and VOILA…date night with your wife!  So, how does it work you ask?  I’ll fill you in on the details.  Then, I’ll give you some ideas to get you started.

At Home Date Night Rules:

  1. stock-photo-25102927-even-romance-needs-to-be-scheduled-calendar-marks-date-nightSchedule it: Let your wife and kids know about it and put it on the calendar
  2. Plan dinner: Figure out what to cook and get the groceries you need ahead of time.  Ideal plan is to let the kids eat first, and then eat with JUST your wife afterwards.
  3. Get rid of the kids: Yes, family time is great to plan too, but date night is about just you two.  If it’s early still, set the kids up with a movie to watch or iPad to play with in the other room.  And whenever it’s time, get them in bed!
  4. Plan activities: Plan something ahead of time for you and your wife to do together in the house.
  5. Focus on each other: Don’t get distracted by normal things (work, TV, chores, email).  Remember it is a date and treat it as such.

Here are some ideas of things to do:

dinnerhomeDinner Ideas:

  • Cook something yourself
  • Cook something with your wife
  • Order take out so neither of you has to
  • Set some ambiance (nice dishes, candles, nice napkins, etc)

Activity Ideas:

  • Play a game together
  • Questions: Sit out on the deck/porch/patio or anywhere that is different than normal and take turns asking questions.  Try a conversation starter app like Conversation Shaker, Ask Me Anything, First Date, or Chatoms.
  • Watch a movie
  • 482881_10151553627884328_1090362511_nDo some sort of art project like painting, drawing, sculpting from play-doh, etc.
  • Paper airplane making contest.  Yes this is an idea…we’ve done it.
  • After the kids are in bed, head to YOUR bedroom and figure out something fun to do there.  I’m not supplying any ideas for that though.  😉

Here’s my challenge to you:

Right now…yes…I mean RIGHT NOW…take a look at your calendar.  Pick a night that’s free sometime in the next 2 weeks and put “At Home Date Night!” there.  It can even be a weeknight!  If you want extra credit, go forward into the next few months also and schedule a few ahead of time.  Then, as the day approaches, put some planning into it and make it a fun night for you and your wife to spend some time together.  Don’t forget about scheduling “regular” date nights also.  But, doing them at home is an easy way to make them happen.