The marriage trap

New-Members-Only-267x300”Free tablet for new customers!”, “Special 12 month introductory rate!”, “Sign up today and save 20%!”…don’t you love these types of promotions?!  I always get excited when service providers try to woo me with deals that can save money or give me free stuff.  But, you know what stinks about these specials?  The company does so much work to get you signed up with all these promises and special deals, but once you’re locked in, they often do little more than the minimum that is expected of them.  There are no more special deals or free stuff.  They often assume they don’t NEED to put much effort into making you happy or keeping you since you’re already locked in.  After some time with high rates, no more specials, or a few instances of bad customer service I find myself wondering if I need to stay with that company.  Maybe there is another service provider out there that would be better and could give me some special deals to move to them?!

I realize that unfortunately I sometimes treat my wife this way.  When we were dating, I put so much thought and effort into making her feel special.  I was constantly thinking of special things to do for her and cool dates to take her on.  It’s never been my intention, but, now that we’re married, over time it has been easy to fall into the trap of not putting as much energy into PURSUING her as I used to.  I call it the Marriage Trap…and it is lame-o!

Here is what I want to do…I want to pursue my wife…even now.  Sure, she has a ring on her finger.  Sure, we have a life and family together.  But, I never want to take it for granted that she has chosen me.  I want her to choose me over and over again every day!  My hope is to always be thinking about special things I can do to show her I love her.  I want to plan fun dates and experiences for us to go on together.  I want to bring her gifts to show I was thinking of her.

Now, I do believe that marriage is for life.  And I don’t think that a LACK OF pursuit justifies “shopping around for other deals”.  But, I think it is important for a husband to continue to treat his wife as he did when they were dating.  God has brought you together and has a plan for your marriage.  You owe it to your wife, to God, and to yourself to make it the best marriage you can.

My challenge to you:
No matter how long you’ve been married, make sure you continue to pursue your wife and treat her as good (or better) as you did when you were dating.  Don’t give her the opportunity to be disappointed in who you’ve become or the lack of attention you give her.  Keep blowing her away with awesomeness and you will see your relationship continue to grow!