My Wife Rocks…(and why you and she are both going to know it)

IMG_0317Something I LOVE to do is brag on Julia.  Maybe it’s to people on Facebook.  Maybe it’s to my friends.  Maybe it’s to Eli (my 5 year old son).  For example, she is an AMAZING mom!  She never tires of showing love to Eli, and has so much wisdom in how to raise a child.  And she is the best cuddler that Eli could ever ask for.


She also is a beast at weight-lifting.  I never tire of bragging on her when she rocks it out.  Here was a picture proving  she finished first out of all the women in the gym (around 45 that day) in back squats by completing 2 at 190#.  It’s worth noting that just this week she actually did 4 reps at 215# (which is more than I can do)!

 Not only do I love telling people about her awesomeness, but I love it when she hears it, too.  I want everyone to know about how amazing she is.  But, even more than that, I want JULIA to know that I see the amazingness in her.  Women (like men) want to be appreciated. They want to feel special.  They want to know when their husband thinks they are pretty, smart, funny, etc.  I try to tell her these things whenever I can, but I think it takes it to a whole new level when I tell other people…and she can hear.  Sure, she’ll act embarrassed a little and downplay it like I’m just exaggerating, but I think she really likes it deep down.

photoI just got a new favorite shirt.  I asked for it for Christmas, but Julia wouldn’t get it for me, so I had to buy it myself.  It says “My Wife Rocks” on the front.  When I first got it, I wore it 4 days in a row.  I don’t normally wear shirts multiple days in a row, but hey, there are lots of people that hadn’t seen me yet…and they needed to know!

I’m a big fan of bragging on your wife, but I’m NOT a fan of being fake.  If you just start making things up that simply aren’t true or that you don’t really believe, your compliments will start to be less effective.  Don’t tell her she looks great unless you really think so.  Don’t tell her she’s great at something if she’s really not.  Honesty is a big deal in a healthy relationship and as soon as you start deviating from it, everything you say and do comes into question.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

1.  If someone else compliments your wife on her cooking, chime in… “that’s right, she’s an AMAZING cook!”

2.  If someone comes over to your house and compliments you on the design or decor, pass the praise along…”I had nothing to do with it.  It was all Julia.  She is awesome at that stuff.”

3.  If someone compliments you on your parenting skills after seeing your child do something great, pass the praise along…”Thanks, but Julia is pretty much the expert.  I wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing if it weren’t for her.”

4.  If you and your wife enter a room that has several people you know, and you think she’s looking great… “cover your eyes if you don’t want to stumble guys because Julia has entered the building and she is looking hot tonight…oh yeah!”

So, here is my challenge…think about what things you think are great about your wife.  Keep them at the front of your mind.  Then, whenever the opportunity presents itself, be ready to praise her in front of other people.  Maybe you’re having dinner with friends, or hanging out with others, or talking with people at church, or just on social media.  Identify something you think is awesome about your wife, and let everyone (including her) know!



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  1. I’m going to pass this on to my son, he’s getting married in May. Also to my soninlaw. You are good at writing. I needed this when my wife was living! :)

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