Let’s Get This Party Started!


So….how do you start one of these things?!  As you can see I’ve decided to venture into the blogosphere (is that the right terminology?).  I’ve recently gone through a course called The GPS Life Journey: Discovering God’s Plan for Success.  It is a book/study to help identify your personality, gifts, abilities, passions, and interests.  Then, you use that information to develop a mission statement for your life.  I wasn’t sure what would come out of it, but eventually I focused on one topic which I realize is a big passion of mine…helping men to be better husbands.  The mission I’ve adopted is…to mentor men to become more loving and connected husbands who both serve and lead their wives in a Godly manner.

Why write?

Let’s face it…there are a lot of sucky husbands out there (including me at times)!  I hear some of the things men say and see things they do and it makes me mad.  I think, “how does he not realize that what he is saying and doing is crushing the relationship with his wife?”  Maybe they do realize it and don’t care.  Or maybe they’re just acting the way THEIR father did…or the way their friends do.  Either way, I’ve made it my mission to see what kind of a difference I can make.  Maybe Julia (my wife) is the only person who will follow me here.  If that’s the case…as long as she feels more loved as a result of the things I share, then I consider it a win.  But, my ultimate hope is that there are some men out there who are encouraged, reminded, and challenged with some ideas to help them make some changes in their lives.

What makes me an expert?

Nothing!  HA!  I’m far from an expert in this.  I feel like I mess up more times than I succeed as a husband.  Sometimes I don’t know why Julia puts up with me.  One thing I know is this…I love my wife.  My goal is to out-love her.  I never want her to doubt my love and commitment to her.  So I try, every day, to do what I can to reassure her of that.    In the process, I’ve been able to come up with experiences of what worked for me and what didn’t.  I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned and what I’ve seen in my life and in others’ lives, that I can make a different to someone else.

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  1. You will do great at this. I love seeing you dive into something you feel passionately about. You are your father’s son–the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. So proud of you!

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