Sometimes you just need to spend time together

One way people receive love is through quality time.  (See earlier post for thoughts on love languages)  This basically means spending time together that is meaningful.  Talking, sharing an experience, or doing something fun together are all ways to show this.

IMG_1708This is one of Julia’s main love languages so I try to make sure I’m meeting this need as much as I can.  I try to schedule dates out ahead of time a couple times a month.  We try to eat together as a family whenever possible.  We always make sure we have a chance to get away just us for some sort of trip at least once a year.  And no matter how busy we get, it is always a priority to make sure we have some evenings each week with nothing planned…so we can be at home together.

If you need help coming up with some ideas to incorporate this into your life…here are some to get you started…

  • Going on a date
  • Having meals together as a family and talking about your day
  • Talking with your wife after the kids are in bed
  • Going on a family vacation
  • Going on a trip as a couple
  • Going out to eat
  • Reading a book out loud with your wife or family
  • Playing a game or sport together
  • Going shopping for something together

If this is one of the ways your wife receives love, make sure you are working this into your life on a regular basis.