Our Anniversary Tradition

IMG_0132For our first anniversary, I came up with an idea.  It originated from the fact that I have a horrible memory…seriously…it’s bad, which is only emphasized in contrast to the fact that Julia has the greatest memory in the world.  She remembers just about everything she’s worn, done, or said since she was 2 years old, which is tough for me to fathom…but I digress.

My idea was to start a journal of our lives.  Every year, on our anniversary, we would look back at the past year and write down significant things we wanted to remember.  At first, it was a way for me to help try to remember things, but it has developed into an annual tradition that we really look forward to.  It is a chance for us to reminisce about what happened in the last year.  Good memories, funny memories, sad memories, the vacations we took, what we did on holidays, etc.  Now, we have 10 years full of memories in our journal.  It’s fun to read back through the past years and remember the things that we did, since just about every significant event that has happened to us since we’ve been married is in it.

photoWe try to find a fun, memorable spot where we can relax and spend some time thinking through the year.  These locations have included an Inn in the mountains outside Asheville, a restaurant looking out on the Seattle harbor, and my favorite…watching the sunset in the hills of Tuscany.  But many years it is something simple like a local coffee shop or even sitting on the back porch.  Sometimes we get it done all in one sitting, but sometimes we have to break it up.  Either way, we’ve come to really look forward to it, and it is one of the highlights of our anniversary.

For anyone who is interested, it’s an easy habit to get in to.  It doesn’t matter if you didn’t start at the beginning, pick it up wherever you are at in your marriage.  You can fill out the journal with whatever questions or topics you want.  Here are some ideas, but what’s important is to tailor it to what you would like to remember, so feel free to use whatever you like…

  • Funniest memory
  • Best date
  • Best surprise
  • Best dinner
  • When we felt the most loved
  • Biggest thing learned about life
  • Most disappointed moment
  • Biggest fight
  • Best thing we saw God do
  • What we did at Thanksgiving & Christmas
  • What we did for Valentine’s Day & Anniversary
  • What vacations did we take
  • Where we see ourselves in 5 years
  • Favorite kid memories
  • Other things we want to remember
  • Goals for the next year

Guys, hint, hint, if you’re looking for a creative anniversary present, it’s easy to do and could score some nice points.

3 thoughts on “Our Anniversary Tradition

  1. This is the best idea ever! We do this every year and love it. One of our categories is “where will we be in 5 years,” which is super fun. Now that we’ve been married 7 years we can actually look back and see how accurate our guesses were. This is a great reminder and a fun way to re-live the best moments of the year together.

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